Maxstan Plumbing has handled plumbing for all kinds of businesses, including many in the hospitality and retail industries. Our past customers have included professional kitchens, caterers, office buildings and more. They turned to us because we understand a business’ need for immediate and effective service. Maxstan Plumbing has built an exceptional reputation on providing both supply plumbing equipment and materials


  • Blocked Drains and Drain Cleaning
  • Plumbing Repair and Maintenance / Services
  • Burst Geysers
  • and Geyser Components
  • Detection Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
  • Pressure Booster Pumps
  • High pressure Plumbing Damp Problems
  • irrigation systems
  • Leaking Pipes or Any Leak related Problems
  • Solar & Heat Pump Installations
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations
  • Toilets and sink renovations